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Eye & Vision Exams

The Care We Give You in Your Eye Exam

It's important for everyone to have regular eye examinations to ensure your vision is healthy and to detect any conditions early on. The frequency of your routine eye exams depends on your age, health, family medical history and whether you have been diagnosed or treated for any eye conditions or diseases previously.

At the beginning of you eye examination, our doctors will talk to you about your past and current health conditions. Make sure that you tell Drs. Albergo and Austin about medications you are taking for any health conditions and other conditions that you may have been treated for in the past. They will also ask if your family has a history of eye diseases, eye conditions or any eye surgery.

Your eye examination will begin with a measurement of your vision with and without glasses or contact lenses if you wear them. This will be done by having you read the familiar eye chart of letters that get progressively smaller as you read further down. This will help determine the current state of your visual acuity.

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